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Velavan Insulation was established in the year 2010. We at Velavan Insulation believe that the main treasure of a company is its human resources. With the help of its core management team, Velavan Insulation has always surged ahead of competitors and has successfully completed all our customer’s expansion plans well within the timeframe, satisfactorily, and with safety measures.

The core business of Velavan Insulation is industrial insulation contracting. It’s a discipline that relies on experience, solid craftsmanship, and familiarity with modern standards and working procedures. Thermal Insulation works are combinations of technically correct performance and esthetically perfect finishing.

In today’s competitive market we at Velavan Insulation adhered to the philosophy of Customer Relationship Management along with Quality and Services.We are Give Best solutions for Thermal insulation,Ceramic blanket insulation,Heater insulation,Aluminium cladding work,etc.. We try to concentrate on the Customer’s requirements which helps us to enjoy the Customer’s loyalty and long-term relationship.

We have the necessary strengths to undertake Project Insulation requirements as well as Annual Maintenance Contracts. Our team consists of well-trained Engineers, Supervisors, and skilled & experienced personnel. We have the necessary financial capability, Machinery, Tools, Tackles, and other infrastructure to complete successfully and timely works entrusted to us.

We undertake a turnkey contract for Hot and Cold Insulation for the Industries, Shopping Malls, Hotels, etc, and also provide our services to Cement Industry, Chemical Industry, Metal Industry, Petrochemical Industry, Power Plant, Solvent Plant, White Cement Plant, and Integrated Pipe Units, etc.

Thermal insulation Company


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